Retired hedge fund manager, Teeka Tiwari

Bob Irish

Special guest, legendary speculator Doug Casey

Retired hedge fund manager, Teeka Tiwari, is re-releasing his exclusive training series with legendary speculator, Doug Casey, called:

“Why Cryptocurrencies Are the Smartest Speculations You Can Make Today”

In addition, we’re giving away $250,000 worth of Bitcoin.*

(*details below)

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I’ve spent the past year immersed in the cryptocurrency markets – traveling over 30,000 miles, visiting seven countries, and meeting with the leading cryptocurrency experts and venture capitalists. So far, my readers have had the chance to make as much as 600%, 1,193%, 2,404%, 4,508%, and even 9,310% since last year.

Join me in this 4-part series as I reveal my groundbreaking new method for finding cryptocurrencies that are about to go parabolic.”

– Teeka Tiwari

Dear Investor,

Hi, Bob Irish here.

When we first released Teeka’s cryptocurrency training series back in April, it was obvious that he was onto something big.

But few could have imagined just how unbelievable the gains would be.

Every one of his picks has soared. His readers have had the chance to make record-breaking gains as high as 9,310% in as little as four months… and turn hundreds of dollars into tens of thousands.

We want everyone to have the chance to get in on this exciting market. So starting July 17th, we’re re-releasing our FREE cryptocurrency training series… and including more research and benefits than we offered last time.

In a series of short videos, former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari will shine the light on these little-known investments and show you:

  1. How to invest in them from your home computer (or smartphone)…
  2. His groundbreaking system for spotting them before they soar…
  3. And the name of the cryptocurrency he believes will become the “next Bitcoin” – FREE.

Already, Teeka’s crypto picks have given readers the chance to make as much as:

356% in 1 month…

782% in 2 months…

1,270% in 6 months…

4,508% in 14 months…

And even 9,310% in just 4 months – turning every $1,000 into more than $94,000.

Now, for one week only, he’s pulling back the curtain and revealing his unique system for finding them.

Teeka has only shared this information in an in-depth and extended online training like this once before. You won’t find anything else like it available on the web. Most investors – including professionals – don’t even know these investments exist.

But for one week only, Teeka’s agreed to re-open the entire training series for free… and share even more details than he revealed last time.

Here’s what you’ll get
when you sign up:

July 17th: Training video #1: How to spot the “next Bitcoin” and other fast-moving cryptocurrencies before they soar  – and how they can give you the rare chance at 10x or even 20x your money, while all you risk losing is a few hundred dollars.

July 18th: Training video #2: How to set up a cryptocurrency wallet. A step-by-step, “over-the-shoulder” tutorial by Teeka himself.

July 19th: Training video #3: The fastest-growing cryptocurrencies you’ve never heard of – and why Silicon Valley power players are pouring over $1.3 billion in them.

July 20th: Exclusive Training Webinar – where Teeka reveals the “BITS System,” his breakthrough method for finding the fastest-moving cryptocurrencies before they take off. He’ll also give away the name of the “next Bitcoin” and one more bonus pick (free, just for attending).

Special bonus: During the webinar, you’ll have the chance to claim a portion of the $250,000 in Bitcoin that we’re giving away. You must attend the event to get all the details.

Plus, during this event, Teeka will be joined by a very special guest: renowned speculator and new cryptocurrency enthusiast Doug Casey.

Doug sees a series of forces aligning, creating the perfect time to invest in cryptocurrencies. He explains exactly why in the webinar.

You’ll also have the chance to ask Teeka your questions beforehand and listen in during an extended Q&A (please keep in mind, he cannot give any personalized investment advice)… and much, much more!

As you’ll discover, several unstoppable trends are propelling cryptocurrencies even higher

In 2016, over 100 cryptos returned over 100% on the year (just two companies in the S&P 500 did the same). And many of the best ones returned much more – 2,759%... 7,092%... and even 11,664%.

But they’re just getting started…

For the first half of 2017:

And several unstoppable trends are propelling this market even higher over the next 12 months – you’ll get all the details in this timely training series.

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(Note: The only way you can access this retirement-changing research is through this four-day training event.)

I joined Palm Beach Confidential in late April of this year. I had no prior knowledge or experience with cryptocurrencies. Frankly I didn't know what I was doing but I followed the recommendations in your monthly recommendations and in Crypto Corner.

I placed my first trade on April 24, 2017. Today, one month later, I am up 151%. I am blown away. I have never experienced anything like this. Thanks for all that you do for me and all of your subscribers.”

– Richard G.