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How to own a BMW 760Li at “Hyundai prices” (page 43)
“I just took delivery of my 2006 BMW 760Li. It is long, low, quiet and beautiful. Like driving on a cloud—a very fast cloud. Thanks… I will enjoy this ride for a very long time. Here are a few images… I just took my first road trip to Montana and only got 1 ticket. That car went 140 miles per hour and felt like we were going 60!” ~Ben K.
5 essential questions to ask before hiring your next general contractor
(page 25)
The 4 Places a “Thrifty” Millionaire Shops for Nice Clothes
(page 83)
The Cardinal Rules for Ordering Wine: Follow These 7 Guidelines at Any Restaurant, and You’ll Never Be Left Wondering What to Say
(page 77)
Before you spend money on your next “home improvement” project, read about these 6 “hacks” first—they could save you $10,000s
(pages 23-24)
What you should never, ever look at when you go to your next museum
(page 151)
3 $-Saving Websites You Should Check Out Before You Book Your Next Vacation—and They Aren’t Orbitz, Expedia, Hotwire, Travelocity, or Kayak
(page 98)
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